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16 Oct 2017


25 May 2017

Magazetini Leo Ijumaa 26-May-2017

African Proverb: little by little, a little becomes a lot.

African Proverb: little by little, a little becomes a lot. 

Meaning: Little by little a child moves from crawling to running. Little by little a bird builds its nest. Little by little a small business turns into a conglomerate. Little by little you can make your dream come true. Out of something small great things can be made. Fabrics are made from threads, mansions are built with bricks, and dictionaries are composed of words. But don't forget that they are built through concentration or concerted effort. Little drops would not become a mighty ocean if the drops were scattered. Therefore focus your energy and effort however small it may be. The reverse is also true. When you take away drops from the ocean, over sometime it will become dry land. Therefore the little vices you neglect can grow into serious problem. Beware!
Country's Proverb: Tanzania

22 May 2017

Magazetini Leo Jumanne, 23-May-2017

African Proverb: When the shadow of a tree is bent, straighten the tree, not the shadow. 

Meaning: If you see your dirty image in a mirror, changing the mirror won't help you. You will need to clean up yourself. So often we spend much effort in addressing the symptoms of an issue, instead spending the bulk of our time and resources in addressing the root cause. The shadow is the effect and the tree is the cause. I often hear people say they have anger problem, which is okay to say. But I wonder if they realize that their quick temper itself is only a symptom of their self-centeredness or lack of self-control. And until these roots are weeded out any measures resorted to is a "shadow-straightening" strategy. In almost every case people who have bad temper either have self-image deficits or excesses. In other words, they either think too little/lowly or too much/highly about themselves. So how does one "straighten that tree"? Practice selflessness and self-control. Be practical!

19 May 2017

Magazetini Leo Jumamosi 20/05/2017


African Proverb: The vow that is in a hurry to go to America will come back as corned beef. 

Meaning: This is one of the funny African proverbs which nonetheless is profound. It warns of the danger of making Haste. It employs the use of euphemism to tell us that the end of haste is grief. Hasty climbers have sudden falls . The end of a cow is beef; the end of haste is grief. Haste produces waste. There is a difference between hastiness and swiftness. When you do something hastily, you do it speedily without a sense of caution or direction. But swiftness connotes speed and smartness. Haste is not an ingredient in the recipe of success. Speed is not everything. A cripple in the right direction will beat a runner in the wrong direction. Don't allow the motion of others to put pressure on your life. Move at the speed of patience. Be patient!

15 May 2017

Magazetini Leo Jumanne 16, May 2017

14 May 2017

Magazetini Leo Jumatatu 15, May 2017


African Proverb: Even though the baby monkey appears so ugly, its mother loves it. 

Meaning: this story should help explain. An Indian parable is told of a young man in one village who wanted to marry a girl in another village. So he went over and proposed to the girl but the girl looked at him and said to him, "you do not love me the most in this world. There is somebody you love more than me and that's your mother." He said to her, "that's different from the love I have for you." She said, "well, but you still love her more than you love me". Desperate to prove his love to her, he asked her, "what can I do to prove my love for you?" to which she quickly replied, "go and kill your mother and bring her heart to me as proof. Hesitant but wanting to have her, he went home and killed his mother, cut out her heart and off he went to present it to her. As he was running to go meet her, he stumbled on a stone causing the heart to fall out of the sack. He got up and began to look for the heart but couldn't find it. Finally, he found it and as he was dusting off the dirt from his clothes, he heard a voice coming out of the heart saying, "son, are you okay? Are you hurt?". What can quench a mother's love for her child? Not even an ugly and despicable act from her child can turn away her love. Be motherly!

13 May 2017

Magazetini Leo Jumapili 14, Mei 2017

African Proverb: If you're kicked from behind it means you are in front 

:Being the best or being great comes with the price of being "kicked" in the back. People will backbite you. That is, they will make biting criticisms of you behind your back.if you are great, people will talk about you. And so if you are winning expect criticisms. If you are famous expect gossips. You see, people who try to pull you down are below you for a reason. Always first consider the person(s) making the criticisms. They are usually people who are jealous of what you have. Ignore them and move ahead. "Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people" (Eleanor Roosevelt ). If you are bothered by what 'small minds' say, it means you are too focused on them. Be like the eagles. Eagles don't fly close to the ground where small birds fly. They fly high up in the sky. So rise above pettiness . Be above!

9 May 2017

Magazetini Leo Jumatano 10, Mei 2017

8 May 2017

Magazeti ya Leo Jumanne 09/05/2017